Tools for learning language intuitively.

Whether you are a language teacher or learner, Wordless Language Learning tools are perfect for communicating elementary concepts. Our image based books for language acquisition remove translation from the learning environment, freeing the learners minds and time to focus solely on the new language at hand.

The Wordless Language Learning Guide

Based on the “Growing Participator Approach”, our Language Learning Guide is a curriculum that leads learners through the first 1000 words in a new language. It is an adaptable tool that can be used for almost any language.
The Wordless Language Learning Guide, illustrated by Paul Beeman

The Wordless Vocabulary Book Series

Themed books with black and white illustrations for introducing vocabulary based on a theme. Perfect for children or adults. Introduce the new vocabulary page by page, then close the book and use the cover to review.

Why Black and White?

By using black and white imagery in our books, we help the learners and teachers focus on the content at hand. Complex, colorful imagery can be distracting to learners just starting a language. Simple, black and white line images on the other hand help the learner’s focus on the simple words they are learning in the new language. Eliminating color may also allow the learner to subconsciously fill in colors for an object, helping them to easily identify with the image.

Wordless For Learners

This guide was created for you. Your language journey does not need to be constrained by the lack of language learning programs. With the Wordless Language Learning Guide,  you are free to find your own language teacher and make your own schedule.

This “Language Host” can be friend, neighbor who ever speaks the language you want to learn and is willing to teach you. Buy a book or two and start your language learning journey today!

Wordless For Teachers

Curriculum planning can be tough! Especially when planning for absolute language beginners. With 22 units, The Wordless Language Learning Guide helps you to build those elementary building blocks for your students, giving them a foundation for growing as a participator in the new language. By the end of this curriculum, your students should be at an A1 level of language.

The Wordless Language Guide workbook is your classroom companion for teaching introductory level courses. The pages in the book can be used for numerous active learning activities.

We learn our mother tongue from observation. There is no translation, our minds naturally sort through the sounds we hear and eventually assign meaning. This process shapes our minds, turning us into native speakers.

Paul R. Beeman

The Wordless Language Learning Guide

The Wordless Language Learning Guide with Introduction in English
The Wordless Language Learning Guide Workbook (no introduction or instructions)
The Wordless Language Learning Guide with Introduction in English and Arabic.
The Wordless Language Learning Guide with Introduction in English and French.
The Wordless Language Learning Guide with Introduction in English and Portuguese.


The Wordless Animal Book. Black and White Picture Book for learning languge
The Wordless Clothing Book. Black and White Picture Book with Clothing Images
The Wordless Feelings Book. Black and White Picture Book for Learning Feelings Vocabulary

Language Study Notebooks

Paul R. Beeman

Paul R. Beeman has an MA in Adult Learning from The Ohio State University. He has lived and worked internationally as a Human Resource Development Consultant in Jordan, France, Senegal and Tunisia. Passionate about language, he has learned to speak French, Wolof and Tunisian Arabic.

Throughout his experience learning language, he realized he was missing a tool. After studying the GPA method, he realized what was missing was an image based curriculum. A tool that can be used by itself or alongside formal language study program.