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Our journey as a company.

Lancer learning Communities has evolved throughout the years. Established in 2020, we’ve expanded our services to become a collection of different ventures that are leading to the same thing. Bringing people together!

Paul Beeman at Lancer Workspace. Professional Coworking space in Tunisia.

Lancer Consulting

In 2019, Paul Beeman moved to Tunisia to launch what is known as today as Lancer Learning Communities. The original idea was to open an international human resource development firm that offered trainings and consultations to organizations in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. 

However, the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic changed that business plan completely! It was during this time that Paul pivoted the company to serve organizations in need of a consultant for digitalizing education for their workforce.

As the pandemic subsided and the need for digital transformations consultants disappeared, Paul switched back into where he feels more comfortable. Consulting on culture and linguistics. Because of the pandemic,  many corporate expectations have changed and he is able to consult at a distance. Today Lancer provides a host of consulting services. You can check them out here: Lancer Consulting.

Coworking Space in Ezzahra Ben Arous TUnisia Space Themed

Lancer Workspace

Towards the end of 2021, Paul craved professional greater networking opportunities in his community and searched earnestly for a co-working space in Ben Arous. After searching, he found nothing that met his expectations. Thus Lancer Workspace was born in December of 2021, the first ever professional coworking space in Boumhal! 

Today it is home to over 20 professionals from different sectors to gather and exchange knowledge, thereby promoting growth and development of the region’s economy.

With a large open space and several private offices, Lancer Workspace offers the best environment in the Ben Arous area for professionals, freelancers and startups!

For more about Lancer Workspace: Coworking Space.

The Wordless Language Learning Guide. A wordless picture book for teaching language. Language acquisition made easy through images.
The Wordless Language Learning Guide by Paul R. Beeman

Lancer Academy

Launched in October 2022, the Lancer Academy provides educational services and tools.

Adult learning has always been at the heart of Lancer Learning Communities. It’s written in the name of the company! The mission of our company is to provide tools and resources to learners around the world. As the pandemic subsided in 2021, Paul began creating the Wordless Language Learning Guide. A project that he had been dreaming up since his first language learning experience in France.

After a year of development, he launched the book in July of 2022 with a string of other wordless books for language teaching. To learn more about the services that Lancer Academy provides, follow this link: Lancer Academy.

Am Paul

Tounsi for “Uncle Paul”, Am Paul is the creative endeavor of the Lancer Learning Communities. Originally created to provide marketing for Lancer Workspace, today’s Am Paul channels provide English learning experiences for Tunisians and cultural insights for visitors to the country.

You can check out his content here:

TikTok: AmPaul977

Instagram: AmPaul_TN

Youtube: AmPaul

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