Salle de formation near Tunis, Tunisia. Boumhal and Ezzahra in close proximity

The best place to work in Boumhel!

Boumhel is the hidden gem of the Greater Metropolitan area of Tunis. It’s mountain views, proximity to the sea, nightlife and shopping amenities make it a enjoyable place to live.

Lancer Learning Communities saw the tremendous value of the community and decided to base themselves there. To give something back to the community, they decided to create a shared workspace for professionals. So, they opened Lancer Workspace in December of 2021,  giving those who enjoy living in this wonderful area an office close to home!

Created with productivity and mental wellness in mind, the space has included natural elements in it’s design. Its galaxy curtains and nebula wall decoration give clients the feeling that they have launched into another realm. Truly as if they are working in space which they truly are. Lancer Workspace has 200 meters squared of office space! In addition, the plants in the office, bring those that work in it back to earth. Reminding them the growth takes time. 

Coffee Boumhel Ezzahra Cafe Coworking Space natural elements office in Ben Arous Tunisia Tunisie Tunis
Cappuccino at Lancer Workspace

The coffee is also the best in the Banlieu Sud of Tunis. Lancer Workspace uses single origin beans in it’s coffee, each cup is a taste of heaven! With unlimited self-serve coffee coworkers can treat themselves to espressos, allongees, cappacinos and cafe americaines. The workspace also keep a stock of tea for coworkers to enjoy as they work.

Finally, each coworker gets the benefit of a comfortable rolling chair and personal desk. The space has four areas where coworkers can take conference calls and wifi access is included with the fee.

Lancer Workspace serves distance workers, freelancers entrepreneurs, startups and students living in Ben Arous. Rather than fighting traffic and driving 20-30 minutes to Tunis to experience high-speed internet, dedicated desk and unlimited coffee, those that live in Ben Arous are now a 10 minute drive or walk from an atmosphere dedicated to their productivity.

Located on GP1 it is a 10 minute walk from Ezzahra and a 10 minute drive from Hammam-Lif, Rades, Mourouj, Mornag, Ben Arous and Hammam-Chatt.

So what are you waiting for, come work with us at Lancer Workspace !

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