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Launch yourself into success with us! We leverage our expertise in psychology and culture to launch professionals into successful careers.
We provide a Coworking Space, English Training, Leadership Coaching and Cultural Consulting.​
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Our office, our community! Lancer Workspace serves entrepreneurs, freelancers and students who are launching their career to the next level.
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We offer English courses and coaching from qualified English speakers.
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Culture impacts everything from language to the food we eat. Are you or your team ready to transition to a new culture?
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With the advent of globalization, multiculturalism, and digitalization, many people are currently going through a period of great upheaval. They are experiencing a deep sense of uncertainty and confusion in their personal lives and professional careers.

Imagine traveling without knowing what to expect, or how to fit in with a timezone and customs. For an organization, there’s a yawning disconnect between what their managers know about the wider world and what the rest of the team believes. The resulting culture clashes can frustrate new employees and pose serious risks for career prospects and company earnings. But there’s hope! Our company can educate any company capable of hiring for 10 richly-researched positions about their target international markets.

The world is a big place. Whether you need to cross borders as a corporate team, expatriate as a foreign national, or explore as an adventurer, our services offer the knowledge, security and comfort that you need.

At Lancer Workspace, we offer a well-designed, healthy, and professional space for freelance workers, entrepreneurs, and creatives. We offer the best of both worlds: a smart and affordable workspace in a trendy area. So, when you want to focus on your work and not your surroundings, it’s Lancer Workspace. When you want to enjoy a good cup of coffee or or great meeting space, it’s Lancer Workspace. Close to Boumhal, Rades, Mourouj and Hammam Lif it’s perfectly situated for an easy drive to work!

Ezzahra is a booming residential hub, and many companies can’t find the space to grow and flourish in the community. At Lancer Workspace, you can rent desks by the hour, week, day or month. We offer a dynamic, collaborative environment for entrepreneurs, students, and anyone looking for a productive office space in Ezzahra Tunisia.