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We use culture to launch careers.


Culture defines the way we interact with the world. Language, leadership style and world view are products of culture. Understanding culture empowers you not only to survive in a new world, but to thrive.


An innovative thinker and instructional designer, Paul is a culture expert and linguistic coach.

Author of the Wordless Language Learning Guide, he holds a Masters degree from The Ohio State University in Adult Learning. He speaks four languages and has lived on four continents.

He is a guide to those exploring their cultural perceptions and launching into a new culture. Coaching them through transition.

Both organizations and individuals call on him as they adjust to new cultural climates.

Our Services

Are you transitioning to a new culture? Let’s work together to make a plan for how you are going to thrive.

Every new culture has it’s own language. As a language coach, I work with my clients to make a plan and provide them with accountability.

Language shapes culture. Cultures recognizes leaders. Leaders model language. Lets develop a plan to grow you as a leader!

Your organization has a culture. Organizational culture effects employee moral, retention and productivity. As a consultant, I work with organizational leadership as they study and influence their corporate culture.

Coworking Space in Ezzahra Ben Arous TUnisia Space Themed


Our office space and community launching pad. We host developing entrepreneurs, freelancers and students as their launch their careers, products or companies. The space provides a professional atmosphere and serves as an event space for a number of associations.

The WORDLESS Language Learning Guide 

  • Useful for learning elementary concepts in any language.
  • Completely image based.
  • 100% practical and self-led.